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There's A Quiet Revolution Going On
and it's giving millions a better quality of life

Wearable Neurological Technology

The drug-free solution to both physical and mental issues

The neurological approach to better health...

begins with recognising that our brains operate, for the most part, unconsciously - at a level we aren’t even aware of - where our very life force ensures the consistent functioning of the system that keeps us alive even when we’re not conscious, like when we sleep and ‘know’ that we’ll wake up in the morning. If you take this on board you will also understand that this system can be affected in very specific ways not least by physical interventions such as reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapy and similar therapies. If you then accept that stimulating parts of the central nervous system (as is the case with such therapies) can be used to change the body’s self-management processes, then you’ll understand the possibilities for neuro technology.

More ways to address more conditions from a single product

Brain scanning technology has been developed in recent years to analyse the effects of neuro technology visibly showing how key areas of the brain are stimulated or calmed by its use. Such demonstrations are convincing evidence of how effective the technology can be and makes for compelling justification for taking a non-medication approach to changing the efficiency of the brain, whilst producing no side-effects as might be the case with many medications. Surely, if your pain is relieved reliably and consistently, the avoidance of drugs would be everyone’s preferred route.

Neuro technology offers users the widest range of benefits any single ‘treatment’ could present, in that, at its very base level, it can relieve pain almost instantly for many conditions and alleviate long-term pain when used consistently over a longer period. It is also being employed by some users to help mental issues such as anxiety, depression and traumatic distress - and even autism, ADHD and OCD. At the ‘performance’ end of the spectrum it can help sportspeople improve their energy levels, their focus and their body function, enabling better rotation and balance, stronger core and greater accuracy - perfect for golfers, tennis players, etc, etc and allows much greater stamina, endurance and faster recovery following extreme activity - ideal for team players in high-intensity sports and individuals focused on personal health and fitness.

But HOW can it do all of this and how do we know these techniques are actually effective? Well, to begin with, when you accept that the technology changes your brain on a deep level where pain can be addressed without you having to do anything different to what you might normally do - and may even enable you to give up other interventions - then you will appreciate how the technology can deliver the range of benefits to improve your health and wellness without concern about ‘how’ it does it. Then you can maximise the impact upon your own particular conditions producing optimum performance from your body, whilst minimising the pain that you may have gotten used to managing in more conventional ways. Add to this the improvements in recovery times and clarity of thought and you quickly see that, whilst this is not a cure-all for anything and everything, it does deliver many physical and mental functional benefits to users. 

Time to change your mind and change your socks!

So, how can you get your ‘fix’ of neurological technology to support your personal conditions and health ambitions? At present, whilst there are a range of products purporting to achieve similar results, there is only one provider of this specific kind of technology and whilst this might suggest the solution is expensive, it’s worth bearing in mind that the stated mission of the company is to deliver health and wellness to a billion people and part of this mission is to do so as affordably as possible - which means by referral, not through normal retail chains which would increase the cost and make it less affordable for the majority of people. There is a range of products into which this revolutionary technology has been embedded - Shoe insoles and socks as well as adhesive patches (normally used for one-off occasions and for demonstrating the effects of the technology). This company is Voxx Life, a company formed in Canada where the technology was launched in 2016 following many years of research and development. The story behind the company is itself and inspiration to anyone who wants to help other people using technology.

A simple stability test taken with a Voxx Life Associate will show you how almost instantly the technology can work. In taking the test (there are no questions to answer!) you will experience the sense of power and energy this delivers. If you’re already healthy and fit this should confirm that your routine is doing what you expect it to and you can use the tech to improve your performance further, but if the test highlights areas of weakness in your core strength, you can be sure it will help improve your health much more. If you experience a rapid reduction in pain associated with any underlying condition you’ll know pretty quickly that the tech will also deliver pain relief as well as other benefits and you’ll see the potential for improving your health and wellness. Then it’s a case of choosing the best format for delivering those benefits. Would you prefer to use insoles in your shoes or wear socks? Often a combination of both works best for most users. You can also use adhesive patches for specific situations where insoles and socks aren’t practical - e.g. swimming - and using a combination over a long period tends to be the optimum for positive effect. Many people are wearing lightweight liner socks overnight too because the most important brain developments tend to take place while we are at rest and during our sleep. The technology is suitable for people of any age with pain management issues.

So, as we move inexorably towards discovering more about our own brain functions alongside increasingly rapid development of artificial intelligence we can take advantage of all the scientific research to produce valuable interventions designed to provide treatments which give us positive outcomes without the side effects often associated with pharmaceutical interventions.

Opening our minds to possibilities gives us more control over our own health and empowers us to focus on doing so without reliance on drugs that often have side effects.

To find out more just drop me an email or give me a call to explore the possibilities. There is no selling involved as those who need the technology recognise and understand its value.


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