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40 years of helping business owners

by asking questions, considering options and helping to find answers that work for you

A designer, by training, I became more of a marketing and advertising practitioner during the eighties as a result of clients asking questions I hadn’t really considered as a young creative and this inspired me to take courses in business management, coaching, teaching and psychology.  As a natural philosopher and having an enquiring mind, it was inevitable that I began questioning the questioners in an attempt to discover what they really meant when they talked about finding something more purposeful in their work.  For many clients, it came down to a simpler question, albeit a more profound  one; what do I really want from my life?

I’ve asked the same kinds of questions and believe I've found a few of the answers, which, of course, can be very different.  To help you discover YOUR answers, I will engage with you in an open but confidential conversation that will produce answers from a series of challenges that I have myself worked through in order to discover whether I was even asking the right questions, leading to an understanding of why they needed to be asked and what I could do to make the most of the answers. In short, I am your sounding board, your listening ear and your monkey on the shoulder, ready to support, direct and challenge you to find your own solutions. I DON’T have all the answers, but I CAN help you learn the ways to find yours more easily than trying to go-it-alone - all you have to do is ASK - “Always Seek Knowledge” because decisions made with knowledge can enrich you; decisions made by guesswork can impoverish you.

Effective implementation of technology is key to many aspects of a successful business and I have used technology in my work from the outset. I learned early, was self-taught using the sixth Apple Mac in Britain in 1985, was using the internet and creating websites by 1996 and implemented e-commerce solutions in 1999 and have become proficient in social media in more recent years, so I've well and truly done my technological apprenticeship and continue to learn.

The future is always more exciting than the present (or the rose-tinted past) because we can see possibility and the entrepreneurial mind thrives on possibility. BUT - and it’s a BIG ‘BUT’  - you have to take serious action based on evaluation of risk, opportunity and your life goals and these criteria are often extremely difficult to assess accurately when new technology is also involved, so the perceived risk is ramped up. We can all make better use of technology without having to KNOW everything about it; let go of the 'need to know' and focus on what IT can do for you.

So, I'm a creative thinker (there's always more than one way to solve a problem), a disruptor (challenging every assumption with another question) and I’m also a neurology ‘nut’ - keenly interested in the way the human brain works and have spent a great deal of time researching neurology and finding out how we can ‘help it along’. Our brains are far more powerful than we are taught and we can train them to be even better. 

If you'd like to kniow how (and why) I became so interested in neurology and how our brains work you can follow the story HERE    if you've got half-an-hour to spare. 




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