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'Blue-sky thinking', 'Out-of-the-box solutions' or any other trendy terminology you care to mention  don't generally 'cut the mustard' with my clients. My objective is always to listen carefully, consider the factors, ask pertinent questions and make objective suggestions that will help you make the decison that is right for YOU, not some formulaic solution that may sound right in general but leaves you working harder to make it all work better. These are YOUR decisions and they will only work for you! This is the approach I apply to any aspect of the business.

Creative solutions tend to be the result of taking a pragmatic approach to any given situation, but thinking with a 'devil's advocate' attitude, making sure everything is considered and, when implemented, that everyone is onboard, are vital components in the process.



    I work with many different business owners providing an outside eye on their businesses, helping them to make good decisions to help advance both their businesses and their own personal objectives. I build a confidential relationship in which we can explore and implement any changes that may be necessary     to establish a healthy work:life balance.

    My work is focused on the delivery of key sales and brand messages in as creative a way as possible using reliable processes and techniques on any platform, utilising the most appropriate media for the client's target markets. I provide as comprehensive a service as you may require, managing sourcing and production of all materials associated with any given project.   

    Since my first website development project in 1996 I have helped clients make productive use of web-based technologies in many different ways and whilst design of the visual message is still an important part of the process, have made it my mission to ensure every business is able to use the web to sell product online in an easy-to-use format. wwwebshop is the simplest solution.

Creativity is a key component in ensuring each of us enjoys a sense of fulfilment from the work we do and in our personal and professional development. The motivation to achieve more demands a constant drive to explore new ways of reaching that fulfilment. 

If you think I might be able to help you and your business please get in touch to explore the possibilities. I'm all ears.


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